lupus roller coaster

Just a brief post here… you may have noticed this blog has been in active for QUITE a long while. My health journey updates are to follow in later posts…

I JUST wanted to say that I am so pleased to see that the #lupuslight COMMUNITY page I created on Facebook is growing. BOTH in supporters & personal iterations between myself and other fellow ‘lupies’ on the same path managing their life & the chronic illness…

HERES the #lupuslight link again – if you know of anyone that might need support from a positive, loving & happy COMMUNITY that is the aim of the FB page – so pls SHARE the LOVE xxx

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my current treatments


This is a list of my current treatments for my lupus flare including conventional medicine and alternative explorations…

MEDICAL :  Checking in with my lovely local GP at Health First Medical Ballarat, attending the allergy unit clinic  at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, and also seeing a local dermatologist. I will get advice on how to manage my current medications including prednisone (which I am keen to wean off after my current flare) Trying to stay cool and out of the sun. Applying 50+ sunscreen to my face and upper body – and regular sunscreen to the rest of my body.

ALTERNATIVE: Kinesiology sessions in Ballarat, Trialing the eating plan from the GUT DIET designed by Dr. Junger, drinking lots of filtered water and mineral water and herbal tea, taking supplements such as: Fish Oil, Calcium, Vitamin B, Iron, Vitamin D and Probiotics. Trying to rest, which is a bit hard at the moment being on such as high dose of steroids. Take warm baths with salts and QV bath oil. Plus applying QV lotion over my rashes. My mums acupuncturist suggested I apply pure Aloe Vera gel to my skin to calm it, as luck has it I have one being dropped off to the house by a friend. I am interested to see how this compares to the QV product.

I will also continue to meditate daily using the Louise Hay Morning meditation, and aim to eat mostly organic wholefoods plus blend up green smoothies.


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This is where I am


Well this is it! My first blog post : This is where I am. Where you may ask? I am on my healing journey. I am ready to heal myself (somehow). I am willing to change. I am tired of the medical run-around. I am sick of not getting better. I am fed up with not getting the answers I seek. I am ready to explore an alternative approach to healing myself.

December 2014 marked the start of one of the biggest lupus flares I have ever had. I admitted myself to emergency twice within a week. Only to be given a high dose of steroids and more steroid cream, plus antibiotics to deal with the infection on my skin. Frustrated and fed up with the conventional medical approach, I started this blog to track my healing journey through alternative treatments. I know I am a long way off, but I have hope and faith that one day my illness will be healed. There are still many alternative health avenues to explore, I plan to document my trials and triumphs here. Hopefully I can inspire other fellow sufferers to start an alternative health approach along the way. I welcome you to join me on this self healing journey…

You can also find me on:

Facebook : LUPUSlaura

Instagram : lauraday

You Tube :  LUPUSlight

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