lupus roller coaster

Just a brief post here… you may have noticed this blog has been in active for QUITE a long while. My health journey updates are to follow in later posts…

I JUST wanted to say that I am so pleased to see that the #lupuslight COMMUNITY page I created on Facebook is growing. BOTH in supporters & personal iterations between myself and other fellow ‘lupies’ on the same path managing their life & the chronic illness…

HERES the #lupuslight link again – if you know of anyone that might need support from a positive, loving & happy COMMUNITY that is the aim of the FB page – so pls SHARE the LOVE xxx

#lupus #chronicillness #youlooksowell #invisibleillness #lupuslife #hiddenillness #ihatehospital #lupuswarrior #positivevibes #lovemylife #friendsforever #lupuslight



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