For me, creating art is therapy.  It is my passion, and I am so blessed to be able to teach people how to make art as a career. Along my Lupus journey I did have a major artist block. I was focused more on building my business and teaching others than, practicing my own art. Because LUPUS is an invisible illness I hid behind a mask, not really revealing that I was suffering from chronic pain and fatigue during my workshops, after I spent all my energy on putting up this front I was exhausted, overworked and STRESSED to the max, sometimes I had to cancel classes, I felt guilty, lazy, UN-motivated and just not strong enough to “PUSH THROUGH” and get on with life. My social life suffered to, having to cancel outings with friends, all in all I didn’t have a good grip on my work / life balance while trying to manage a chronic invisible illness / disability. I am lucky enough now to work for an organization that understands the ups and downs of my disease. I am currently on a leave of absence until I know the outcome of my treatment in July 2016. vitamins

Here you will find a selection of some of my original art & products that I have created in the past.  My specialist teaching area is in Screen-Printing /Stenciling, Visual Art and Design. In this gallery I have included some “art-making in action” shots as well.  Personally I really do enjoy drawing & painting as my own personal healing art-form.

At the moment my practice is on hold while I am on treatment for 6 months, but if you would like to inquire about any of the original art works or products you can contact me on my personal email :

If you wish to inquire about future workshops in late 2016. Please email : (there will be a delay in response if you send an email to this address)


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