This is where I am


Well this is it! My first blog post : This is where I am. Where you may ask? I am on my healing journey. I am ready to heal myself (somehow). I am willing to change. I am tired of the medical run-around. I am sick of not getting better. I am fed up with not getting the answers I seek. I am ready to explore an alternative approach to healing myself.

December 2014 marked the start of one of the biggest lupus flares I have ever had. I admitted myself to emergency twice within a week. Only to be given a high dose of steroids and more steroid cream, plus antibiotics to deal with the infection on my skin. Frustrated and fed up with the conventional medical approach, I started this blog to track my healing journey through alternative treatments. I know I am a long way off, but I have hope and faith that one day my illness will be healed. There are still many alternative health avenues to explore, I plan to document my trials and triumphs here. Hopefully I can inspire other fellow sufferers to start an alternative health approach along the way. I welcome you to join me on this self healing journey…

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